N17 Creative Callings: Fashion Designer Karen Gold

by Karen Gold on November 18, 2020

After training at Fashion-Enter’s Stitching Academy in north London Karen Gold quickly developed her signature style and launched her own womenswear collection in 2015. Her unique handwriting was apparent from the very start; a reworking of tailored, classic styles combined with a contemporary twist. By 2017 she added a menswear line to her brand and showcased her collections at events in London, Paris, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and Scotland.

Karen Gold at Fashion-Enter Ltd London

Karen’s designs were getting noticed, however being based in the Tottenham CEZ area meant that she could receive further business support courtesy of the N17 Creative Callings program. Karen comments:

I am so pleased I joined the N17 Creative Callings program and I am being personally mentored by Jenny Holloway (CEO of Fashion-Enter Ltd).

“So far on the program I have been working with the Fashion Studio (at Fashion-Enter Ltd) and had my collection made for half price, my sales have increased with a new account in Dagenham and I am also now working on new logo designs too. To have a program that allows you access to a wide range of people and services whenever you need advice is the only way business support can really work. I can’t express my gratitude enough to both Haringey Council and the Greater London Authority to allow this much needed support to occur.”

It has been wonderful to see Karen develop her brand and grow, firstly as a Stitching Academy student, and now with the N17 Creative Callings business support programme which the Fashion-Enter team are a part of. To find out more about the programme