Fearless Fashion for Every Occasion

Karen Gold is a contemporary British fashion label that fuses tran-seasonal tailoring with eclectic visuals – think paisley print jacquards, majestic metallics, bold checks, and ornate embroidery.
Catering to men and women who like to stand out from the crowd whilst keeping their look timeless and sophisticated, each collection updates the wardrobe with statement pieces that make an outfit.

Updating the Classics One Collection at a Time

Utilising fabrics including silk, organza, and pure wool, and adornments such as feathery fringing and regal ruffles, Karen Gold has updated staples like the A-line dress, the men’s blazer, and the pencil skirt for a 21st-century world.

Distinctive details are apparent in each garment including perforated hand-looming, eye-catching lapels, nipped waists, and seductive translucence. These are clothes that beg to be worn, that garner attention for all the right reasons.

A Wise Style Investment

Not only is a Karen Gold garment a true fashion investment, it’s one that will dramatically up your style status. Red carpet gown or casual trousers there’s a power-piece for everyone. Beautiful hues dominate, including olive green, desert gold, peacock blue, and tangerine, communicating a confident vibe that exudes charisma and transforms the wearer effortlessly.

Having walked the runway at London Fashion Week, Paris fashion week, New York, Los Angeles, presented at the Houses of Parliament Fashion Show, and featured in the pages of Vogue magazine, this luxurious label is on the lips of the style-crowd, garnering attention internationally.

Our Ethos is Our Essence

Promoting integrity, ethics, and transparency, as well as deep creativity, Karen Gold is proudly designed in Britain for style-lovers everywhere. On a mission to unite sustainability and high fashion, this socially-conscious designer uses responsibly-sourced, hand-loomed and hand-embroidered fabrics including Aso-oke (pronounced ah-shaw-okay), woven silk and cotton cloth made solely in Nigeria.

“Channelling local cultures into modern designs is a huge part of my brand,” Karen says. “To be able to help local economies that may have not had the opportunity otherwise – that is the true meaning of freedom in fashion.”

Shop ‘til You Drop or Order Bespoke!

Shop ready-to-wear collections direct from the Karen Gold e-commerce boutique or get in touch direct for an exceptional custom-made piece.